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Fredericksburg Main Street is not just a destination, but a dynamic community hub dedicated to the revitalization and enrichment of downtown Fredericksburg. Established in 2013 as a 501c3 nonprofit organization, we’re proud to be nationally accredited by Main Street America and Virginia Main Street. Our mission is simple yet profound: to create vibrancy and foster growth in our historic downtown district through a range of initiatives and programs.

Through strategic marketing efforts, thoughtful public space improvements, and innovative business engagement programs, we’ve been instrumental in fostering a thriving and vibrant downtown community. From enhancing the aesthetic appeal of our streets to supporting local businesses in their growth and development, every endeavor is geared towards creating a welcoming and prosperous environment for residents and visitors alike. 

But our impact goes beyond just physical enhancements. Through placemaking projects, cultural and community events, we’ve cultivated a sense of belonging that defines the essence of Fredericksburg Main Street. As stewards of this beloved district, we’re committed to preserving its rich heritage while embracing the opportunities of tomorrow. Join us as we continue our journey towards a stronger, more vibrant downtown Fredericksburg—one that’s alive with possibility and brimming with community spirit. 

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